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At West PT, you'll find a friendly, comfortable atmosphere with highly compassionate, experienced therapists. We focus on discovering the source of your problem, assessing the whole body, and providing the correct balance of manual treatment and activity to get you back to what you enjoy. Our treatment sessions provide the time to listen and the time to assess what you need. We provide one-to-one treatment and hands-on care, giving you the ability to heal.

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"This a great group. When I first came here I could not walk about the building. Now I can probably go 2 miles without pain. The people at West Physical Therapy are great. They are caring and very "tuned in" to what you need and how far you can be pushed physically. They have my highest recommendation and best regards. When you live as long as I have, you know when something very good comes your way. Thank you."

Dwight S., Geneva

"The therapist at West Physical Therapy helped rehabilitate my left leg to the point where I can do everything I could do before my injury. My time here has been painless and efficient. The therapist makes sure they get to know you and your injury. It was easy for me to trust them. They made the road to recovery short and pleasant."

Travis H., Elburn

"West Physical Therapy is fantastic! When I first started coming here I was super inflexible and in quite a bit of pain. But once I got started I improved right away. It got me back to sports and back in shape quickly. West Physical Therapy is great and I would recommend it to anyone who needs it."

Kevin W. , Geneva

"Worried my ankle would never be the same after a bad sprain, I started therapy...I have great improvement and know that my ankle will be 100%. All the staff is amazing, welcoming and friendly..."

Jill S., Hinckley